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Scytek Astra 4.2W
Complete Two Way Security and Remote Start System With Keyless Entry

General Features:

One 5 Button LCD 2-Way Remote Control with Auto Clock Adjust
One 5 Button Chrome 1-Way Remote Control
Built in Parking Light Relay, Programmable (+/-)
Built in 4 heavy Duty Relays for Remote Starting , Programmable
Plug in Dual Zone Impact Sensor
Six Tone Siren 12 Volt
Plug in User Programmable Coded Override Switch & LED on the Antenna
Lock, Unlock and Passenger Unlock Outputs (-)
User Selectable Auto-Lock and Unlock with Ignition
Interior Light Output (-)
Horn Output (-)
Output for Starter Interupt Relay (-)
Three Programmable Auxiliary Channels, Pulsed, Timed and Latched (-)
Auto Disarm with Auxiliary 1 (Trunk) Activation Programmable
Programmable Three Stage Anti Car-Jack Feature
Data Bus Port
Remote Start through Data Bus
On-Board Temperature Sensor for Monitoring In-Car Temperature with LCD Remote
Auto Start Based on the On-Board Real Time Clock Set through LCD Remote
Auto Start Based On Temperature Threshold Set through LCD Remote
True RPM Sensing for Real Time Cranking
Reliable Remote Start In Tachless Mode using Adaptive Digital Processing
Compatible with All Vehicles
Gas or Diesel compatibility
Factory Disarm and Rearm Output (-)
Turbo Timer plus over 50 more Features
MobiLink, Cell Phone and Tracking Compatible
Two Car Operation
Designed and Assembled in USA